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Homework 11

Part I

1. A push technology is an environment in which businesses and organizations come to you with information, services, and product offerings based on your profile. a) True b) False

2. Feature analysis occurs when the system matches your spoken phonemes to a phoneme sequence stored in an acoustic model database. a) True b) False

3. Language processing occurs when the system attempts to make sense of what you're saying by comparing the word phonemes generated with a language model database. a) True b) False

4. An ASR system follows three steps including feature classification, pattern processing, and language analysis. a) True b) False

5. Virtual reality is a three-dimensional computer simulation in which you actively and physically participate. a) True b) False

6. A headset is an input device that captures and records the shape and movement of your hand and fingers and the strength of your hand and finger movements. a) True b) False

7. A walker is an input device that captures and records the movement of your feet as you walk or turn in different directions. a) True b) False

8. A CAVE (cave automatic virtual environment) is a special 3-D virtual reality room that can display images of other people and objects located in other CAVEs all over the world. a) True b) False 9. Mobility refers to how easy it is for you to carry around your technology. a) True b) False

10. Portability encompasses what you have the ability to do with your technology while carrying it around. a) True b) False

11. When you do a search on the Internet you are using push technology. a) True b) False

12. VoIP can only be done over a cable Internet connection. a) True b) False

13. A glove is an input device that captures and records hand and finger movements. a) True b) False Difficulty: Easy Learning Objective: 2

14. The best form of biometric security encompasses two factors: what you know and who you are. a) True b) False

15. Future transaction processing systems may incorporate biometric processing systems to capture personal characteristics of the person performing the transaction. a) True b) False

16. Application service providers have become very popular because they are noted to keep data very private. a) True b) False

17. SpeedPass is an example of using GPS. a) True b) False

18. Nanotechnology is a discipline that seeks to control matter at the atomic and subatomic levels for the purpose of building devices on the same scale. a) True b) False

19. A multi-state CPU can process letters and special characters without converting them to their binary equivalents. a) True b) False

20. Holographic storage devices store information in a two-dimensional surface. a) True b) False

Part II
Multiple Choice

21. On the average, how much time do people spend online?

a) Most of the day b) One hour of the day c) More time than watching TV d) Half of the day

22. Which of the following is considered an e-society on the Internet?

a) ELife