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Here at Party Plates are sales department provides the utmost quality of service, but have been faced with much needed upgrade to our database. I would like to discuss a few suggestions that we will surely benefit from. I will be discussing the benefits of using Microsoft Access, suggest collaborative software that we can utilize in the future, identify how it can help the sales department, and Identify how it will improve communications in the work place. The usefulness of converting to a better updated database is much needed and will be much appreciated when used to its full potential.
There are many reasons why Microsoft Access is a very useful database application. First of all, it is cost effective, because it is often available to many business owners as a part of Microsoft Access Professional package for a very reasonable price with other great applications. Second of all, Access uses VBA and is compatible with other applications like Word or Excel, which allows you to create documents. Microsoft Access also prevents data duplication and helps you avoid errors in data entry and such. You are also able to create relations between tables, which ensure the data is normalized. ("Microsoft World", 2012). It is also possible to use Access in a multi-user environment. Microsoft Access has many useful functions but it is not extremely hard to learn it. It is possible to develop Access database by experienced users to make the usage and data entry easier for beginners. Microsoft Access has many other benefits you will learn about while using it. ("Microsoft World", 2012).
Using the system access will make it easier for the sales department to gather data from people who are located anywhere, such as customers, survey participants, or contacts. You just have to make sure all the information is up to date in or for the sales department to do business and be effective. Access can run queries and reports when needed and in multiple formats. Access allows you to delete data, change and navigate data easily from the information you want. This will allow the sales department to keep track of financial records as well. Sales