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Knowing Your Audience
Amy Chaney
March 18, 2014
Dr. Sandra E. Otero
Knowing Your Audience
The task of knowing the audience is taking a clear look at the incident, and what supporting evidence, is available. Good vs bad and appeal to that audience on that level. The message has to be concise without any wavier. When the Chilean mine workers went to work on august fifth they had no idea that they would be trapped some 300 meters below ground. 33 miners missing without a trace. I immediately thought of the families and love ones and how the company would want to convey a message to them. What the company would need to do first is, to act fast and safeguard the information on the incident of this multitude. Keep the information safe until all the facts have been gathered. Time is of the essence because the press loves to be the first too tell a story and you don’t want the families or the employees to be misinformed being misinformed causes a negative domino effect. I would put myself in their shoes and tell the story that I know the families, employees, reporters, and supporters would want to hear. The delivery of the message needs to be with the facts, empathy and with care. Language can also change a person’s life from one of desperation to one of hope.
The potential needs of how to carry out the message to the families of the miners to me would be face to face this lets the families know that the company appreciates them and is there to lend a helping hand. The CEO of the company should be available for any question making him or herself visual. As support for the mine workers he or she should let the families know that they are doing everything within their power to get the men out safe, and to offer counseling and set up a hotline for all loved ones to keep communication going this way you have taken care of their needs, interest and well-being.
When getting the rest of the company together to explain to them what has happen I would tell them that there has been a cave in leaving 33 workers trapped underground. Rescuers are drilling now to try to locate where the workers are (). Make sure I had all my facts together on a memo to give as a handout, answer any question, offer counseling let them know that they will be kept in the loop and will be given updates when they are available. Offer employees who cannot deal with this type of stress the rest of the off and a number for the crisis intervention center as well.
The action that I, would take before and after the message is to tell everyone to be…