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Career Plan Building Activity
Stephanie Zabaljauregui
April 20, 2013

Based on the results I received from my Career Profiler and my Competencies report, both of my result coincide with one another. Understanding these will help me to know which weakness I must work on and which strengths I have that I may be able to use to accommodate for my short comings in the other fields. With that being said the competencies that I have that will help improve my critical thinking would be all of it. My competencies are organizing, goal focus, taking initiative, strategizing, delivering results, and adapting to change. My Career profiler matched me to careers such as, management, sales and related, business and financial operations, office and administrative support, personal care and service, and legal. Now these careers require a great deal of critical thinking and then some. Understanding my competencies will help me work on those skills that are not so high up in standards and push me to become a better critical thinker. In the field of work that I intended to peruse, may it be in management or just in the business field, being well organized, strategizing and most of the results that I attained is a great key part to being successful. Knowing my competencies will help me to evaluate arguments based on what my key strengths are. Since most to all of these results I attained are actually true to myself, I would not jump to conclusions when an argument arises. I