BCOM Report Topics Spring 2015 Essay

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1. What are X Company’s accounting problems that have occurred from its overseas operations?

2. What are companies doing to improve accounting ethics, as a result of recent accounting scandals?

3. Investigate how accounting firms are complying with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.

4. What inventory control method does X Company use and why?

5. Analyze the bad debts and collection policies at X Company.

6. How does Company X use cash-flow analysis as a guide in profit planning?

7. Evaluate alternative methods of measuring return on investment for X Company. 8. How important are communication skills to accountants?

9. How has the accountant’s job changed in the last ten years?

10. What skills and attributes do employers want entry-level accountants to have in today’s job market?

11. What are the three most important skills an entry-level accountant should have when entering the workforce?

12. How does a student effectively prepare to pass the CPA examination? 13. What is the value of obtaining the CMA certification?

14. Analyze the qualifications, job duties, and salary requirements foran entry-level accountant who works for a_______ (publicor private sector) accounting firm.

Business Education

1. Examine the popularity of distance learning and compare its effectiveness to traditional classroom instruction.

2. How should teaching effectiveness be measured?

3. Should Business teachers have practical work experience in the subject(s) that they teach?

4. Identify and examine the academic integrity techniques used in online courses.

5. What is the ideal curriculum for today’s _______(MIS, Accounting, Marketing, Finance, etc.) major?

6. Should the business curriculum be specialized or should it provide a generalized, well-rounded education?

7. Do educational standards need to be raised, lowered, or maintained for the U.S. to become more competitive in the global marketplace?

8. What are the characteristics of a good teacher?

9. Analyze the importance of an internship to a Business major’s future career.

10. What should be the content and methodology of a business ethics (or any other course) course?


1. For X union, investigate the impact technology has had on unions in the past ten years.

2. What are the effects of union pensions on state budgets?

3. What is the status of unions today?

4. Explore the relationships of the union and the white-collar worker. 5. What are the most important collective bargaining issues for unionized employees in X industry today?

6. Discuss and evaluate the grievance system for Company X.

7. Are white collar professionals joining unions?

8. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of being a union employee.

9. How does Company X prepare for upcoming contract negotiations with the union?

10. How influential are unions in national politics today?

Finance and Economics

1. Examine the advantages and disadvantages of investing in Initial Public Offerings.

2. What are the three best sectors to be investing in today?

3. What policy does X Company follow in determining dividend payments?

4. What is the most popular online trading site today and why?

5. What are the qualifications, job duties, and salary requirements ofa financial analyst?

6. What is the best investment option for young, white collar professionals to consider?

7. Compare and contrast the Roth IRA to the traditional IRA.

8. Examine the feasibility of investing in international stocks in today’s market.

9. Compare and contrast the differences between puts andcalls trading and determine if they are effective techniques for making a profit in the stock market today.

10. Conduct a comparative analysis between a mutual fund and an
ETF (electronic traded fund).

11. Examine what steps a company takes in filing for Chapter 11 (or Chapter 13) bankruptcy protection. (Choose one or