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Ronald Horne
IS3110 BCP Testing Exercise
I. What kind of exercise will be done?
An alternate site exercise will be the exercise performed for the Business Continuity Plan.
II. What is the scenario being simulated or addressed in the exercise?
The scenario being simulated for the exercise is: A hurricane has struck our city and building the company is in. The building is a complete loss including the data center. We need to transfer all day to day operations to our hot site.
III. What areas of the organization will need to participate in the exercise?
The areas within the organization that will participate in this exercise will be the entire staff of 75 people. The main reason to have everyone participate in the exercise is so that we can ensure that all employees are able to connect to the network, and there isn’t any hiccups during the transition. This will ensure that everyone can return to doing their jobs in a timely manner.
IV. What resources will you need to conduct the exercise? Resources that you will need to conduct the exercise are:
The Hot site will now act as our datacenter the equipment to resume normal business activities such as networking equipment
The staff of 75 to get the business up and running back to normal V. How will you determine the success of the BCP documentation and processes following the exercise?The equipment to resume normal business activities was successful
VI. The ability to get the alternate…