Bcs System vs. Bracket System Essays

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Jordan Russell
Dr. Duszenko
English 101 Section 7
4 April 2013
Bowl Championship Series vs. Bracket System All divisions of college football use a playoff bracket system except for Division 1A. This has brought a lot of controversy towards that division. The controversy is mainly because of the massive amounts of money that is raised by the bowl games has overshadowed which teams truly deserve an appearance in the National Championship game. There are many good and bad things about having each system. Each system has benefits that make them stand out but also faults. The best way to find the best team in all of NCAA college football Division 1A is with a bracket system. The Bowl Championship series, the one used in NCAA Division 1A, benefits the NCAA due to the extreme revenue that is brought in from each bowl game. Sponsors pay for the different bowl games giving the NCAA maximum profits. For example, one of the major bowl games is called the FedEx Orange Bowl. FedEx pays a lot of money to have their name on this game and be associated with it. They also pull a portion of the profit from ticket sales and other advertisement. This is a good system because it is getting a lot of money flow. The NCAA and the people that sponsor the game make a very large profit. This also makes it so that the universities that compete in the games get a very good cut of the money. Last year, the teams that made one of the four BCS (Bowl Championship Series) each got eighteen million dollars for the universities. There was an added bonus for the teams that won the games. The NCAA can afford to do this because they are making so much money from sales and advertisements. Every time you see someone walking down the street with a shirt that is supporting a NCAA team, the NCAA got paid a portion of the sales for that shirt. This also goes for any shirt that has to do with one of their bowl games. Every time you buy anything that has to do with a college sports team that is in the NCAA, a portion of the sale is going to the National College Athletic Association. With that said, it is clear to see that the people of the NCAA want to keep this system so that they can continue to make money with each of the bowl games they host. The flaws of the BCS system includes bias voting for the bowl games and the national championship game. In this system people vote for who they think should be given a chance to be a national championship. This is extremely bias and the result is that year after year there is speculation about who the best team in the nation actually is. If teams aren’t given a chance to prove that they are the best then, as you can see, people would be unhappy. This is a huge problem because the NCAA is supposed to be about equal opportunity for each school and an equal chance for each team to prove that they are the best in the nation. A great example of this was seen this year. There were three or four teams that arguably could have been the best team in the nation but because of the Bowl Championship Series system, only two teams got to compete for the tittle. Bracket systems would give each team an opportunity to make the playoff and there for play for a chance to be in the national championship game instead of just being lucky enough to be picked for a chance at the tittle. This…