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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY BDO Insurance Brokers Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Banco de Oro Unibank. We are a team of industry professionals seasoned in the field of property, casualty insurance, healthcare, life assurance and employee benefits.
Since insurance is a highly specialised and technical subject to what most people think. It is also very complex and even seasoned practitioners like us continue to encounter new issues that sometimes can catch us by surprise. To better serve our clients, we are continuously mapping out our initiatives and projects for 2012 and the coming years especially the three units who were highlighted in this study- Marketing, Claims and Operations.
Overall, employing additional manpower (2 for Marketing
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A 30% increase in budget was imposed by the Management. According to Marketing Head – Amelia Monton, they were not able to hit the quota for the month of February due to some justifiable reasons like:
• they were not able to materialize the accounts in their pipelines
• some clients are still undecided to renew their accounts due to previous claim issues
• branches and other bank units were not motivated to refer leads
• Existing and new clients were having apprehensions in insuring their properties since the news of Financial crisis of another Insurance Company

Additional manpower (1 Account Officer & 1 Marketing staff) will be hired and expected to report by 1st week of April of this year. The new Account Officer is from another insurance company and has extensive background in underwriting. The newly appointed Unit Head – Elmo Bontuyan sees that she can help generate more accounts especially in HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) whilst the additional staff is from BDO branch. These two will hopefully be able to serve all the queries and requests from other bank units (like Consumer Lending Group & Commercial banking – for mortgaged properties) and branches in which BDO has 20 branches in Davao Area alone in which they seek assistance for client calls, inspections and knowledge for BDOI products.

Our services do not end with the