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Fear of the Unknown In the Lord of the flies fear, is portrayed in many different aspects; the boys fear this thing that they named the “beast”, they fear to face the fact that they may be stuck on their island for the rest of their lives, and they fear each other, in lord of the flies, fear causes people to become insane and do things they would never think to do; such as murder another innocent, fearful person. From the beginning of the novel, the boys struggle with fear of the unknown. They fear what they cannot see, the parts of the island they haven’t explored, the mysterious beast, and of course, though they may not realize it at first, they fear the damage they may do to one another. All of these have some “unknown” element to them; they can’t see in the dark, they don’t know what’s on the island, they’re unsure of what the beast really is, and they’re ignorant of the depths of their own violent capabilities. The beast, a thing that brought a lot of fear, and fighting to these boys. This “beast” acts as a symbol for the instinct savagery that sleeps in all human beings. The boys are very terrified of the beast, but only Simon realizes at a point that the boys fear this beast so much because it exists in each of them. He realizes that as the boys become more savage the fear and belief of the beast also grows. By the end of the novel the boys are leaving this beast sacrifices and treating it as their tribal god. These boys are what brought this beast into existence. In other words, the more savage these boys get, the more real this beast becomes. All of the boys believe in this imaginary beast; none, but Simon put a face to this beast; which makes the beast more real; The Lord Of The Flies. Jack’s group kills a sow for dinner and sticks the head on a stick; puts it in the middle of the forest and leaves it as an offering to the beast. This symbol quickly becomes the most important image of the novel. Later,