Beach and Mallorca Essay

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About Boat Trips in Mallorca
Enjoy Majorca's coastline from the sea * puerto Portals Marina
With so many sights to see around Mallorca's coastline, there is no better way to see them than from a boat. If you don't fancy chartering your own boat, you can take a trip with one of the many boat companies based in most of Mallorca's main resorts. There are lots of opportunites to swim with dolphins and to sail into the sunset.
Beaches in Mallorca
Discover the beautiful beaches of Mallorca

The beaches in Mallorca range from long white sandy beaches, to isolated rocky coves. Many of them are popular with tourist and locals alike, but it is still possible to find a peaceful spot if you are prepared to get off the beaten track. Some of the nicest beaches tend to have resorts attached to them, so they are busy but the upside of this is that they have extensive facilities and are great for families and children.

Celebrations & Commemorations
Look out for any local fiestas during your stay in Mallorca

Find yourself swept along by the atmosphere of a traditional fiesta and you will get a completely different picture of Mallorca. Most are religious in origin and a few date back to the time of the Christian conquest. Every town and village has its saint's day, whose eve (revelta) is marked by a verbena, a street party with music, dancing, fireworks and fancy dress. Battles are acted out between devils and heroic women, or Christians and Moors; people prance about as horses, and a good time is had by all. For more information during your stay in Mallorca, visit the local tourist information office to find out what is on. Public transport is very good and well linked, especially in the holiday resorts.

Enjoy a meal at a quayside restaurant
Find a restaurant by the sea & sample some fresh fish

Mallorca's fabulous coastline offers many opportunities to find a dining spot by the sea. All the islands ports have at least one restaurant on the front, or the pier, and most will specialise in fresh fish. Or head to one of the marinas where you can indulge in some people watching - and enjoy a different sort of view! It is worth calling up the restaurant in advance if there is a…