Beaches: Atlantic Ocean and Real Scientists Essay

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By: brittney godfrey

The current location: 301 SE macarthur Blvd, Stuart FL 34996
Body of water: South Atlantic Ocean.
Time of day: 12:50pm
Weather: Sunny and partly cloudy, Around 90 degrees.
Plants: There was a lot of seaweed that was brownish-orange and it was by the shore mostly in patches.
Animals: There were seagulls and they were hunting for fish. I also saw some fish, they were swimming in the reefs.
Description: It was a sandy beach with a rocky shore, when you swim in the water you can feel the rocks at the bottom.
Observations: There was human trash on land and in the water. There were hotels and houses on the beach. There was also a museum called the House of Refuge.
Predictions: There would be the same amount of seaweed because the ocean consently has seaweed. There will be more litter because humans are to lazy to pick up after themselves and dont care what happens to the enviroment for the most part. There will still be rocks and sand because the earth permanetly has been formed that way for many years due to erosion, it would not change unless a major natural disaster accured.
1) Based on your field activity, write a definition of the scientific process. The scientific process is different techniques to aquire new knowledge.
2)Do you believe that other students would make the exact same observations you made at the same spot? Why or why not? How does this relate to observations real scientists make? Yes, I believe that other students would make some of…