Beacuse I could Not Stop For Death Essay

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“Because I Could Not Stop For Death” There is nothing more mysterious than death. You can choose to wait for it, or have death come get you. However, if you live life to the fullest, you do not worry about death too much because you are focused on the greatness that life has to offer. Therefore, you will eventually say, “He kindly stopped for me, (2)” and then you will ride “toward eternity (24)”. The poem, “I Could Not Stop For Death” presents the thesis: Accept that death is a part of life, so make every moment count. First, in the beginning stanza, Dickinson portrays that she had a good life. It is emphasized by the first two lines which state, “Because I could not stop for Death/He kindly stopped for me (1-2).” The two lines reveal Dickson’s life as a person, who did not wait for death. She instead, lived her life to the fullest and had death retrieve her for when her time came. Next, in the second stanza, Death is perceived as a relaxed character, “he knew no haste (5)”. Since Death has entered into Dickinson’s life, she has to put everything aside, such as her job and her recreation. Death waits for no one, so when your time is up, everything comes to a stop.
Then, in the third stanza, she looks out to see the children play and watch the scenery as she passes by. Dickinson is viewing the last pieces of her life and world as she transitions into the death realm, indicated in stanza four. “The Dews drew quivering and chill (14)”suggesting that everything around her is becoming cold, which emphasizes death.…