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Thierry Maxan
Professor Walker
World Religion M-R 8:00am-9:45am
My Religious Journey I was born into two different religions which are Catholic and Jehovah Witness. I was kind of stuck between two religions until I turned eight years old, when my mom and dad talked to me to decide on what religion is right for me. I started with my parents’ religions first, but from the questions that I was asking the pastors or leaders within them, they were not able to answer them or would tell me that the answers are in their Bible, Torah, or Quran. This led me to branch out to explore other religions such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Before I went to visit their church and/or temple, I would read about them in the encyclopedia. After doing my own research from reading about them, I would ask the pastor or leader of the church and/or temple if it was okay if I may borrow their Bible, Torah, or Quran to get a better understanding of their religious views on how to build a relationship with God, Jehovah, or Allah. When I was done reading there book, I would bring it back to them and would ask a lot of questions about what I read, but they would tell me that I interpreted it wrong. Then they would say that I should go to one of their study groups on how to read with my heart and get the right perception of what their book is trying to teach me on to getting a relationship with God, Jehovah, or Allah. They would even tell me that their book is the truth and that I should abide by their rules or suffer the consequences of not having eternal life, having eternal life in an unpleasant place, or I will not be reincarnated.
These religions even expose a lot of their flaws. For example, some of them say “Come as you are.”, but judge you on how you are dressed or on how you interact with people, and then tell you that you