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The Bermuda Triangle
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of the theories and scientific facts to back up or deny the happenings of the Bermuda triangle.
Attention Getter: You’re in a plane flying over the Atlantic Ocean headed towards Florida everything seems just fine when suddenly over the speaker system your captain tells you to prepare for turbulence, the lights go out and the plane is headed for the water….. Splash! What could have caused these strange and paranormal happenings you ask? Well I have an answer you today ladies and gentlemen.
Preview: I will be going through the different theories and informing you about the paranoia around this area. We will also go into depth and use scientific fact to confirm or deny each theory presented.
A) Metallic fog: The first theory that I will be unraveling is the mystery of the metallic fog. a. The theory is an electronic fog or Time vortex creates a tunnel that ships and planes that wonder too close get drawn into. i. For those who doubt these kinds of tunnels can exist you could compare it to a black hole, scientist still don’t understand everything about it but they don’t deny their existence, so why deny that this could be done on a much smaller scale on earth. ii. Floridian pilot Bruce Gernon and his father were traveling from Andros Island to Bimini Island in the Bahamas when they came across a strange cloud that they say grew exponentially before morphing into a tunnel. They flew into the tunnel and said that there was a white haze covering the plane and their compass was going crazy changing directions every second. iii. When the fog finally broke he found himself miles away from where his plane should have been. He and his father had traveled one hundred miles away and thirty miles into the future. iv. Too inform you of both sides of the story I’ll let you know what science’s theory is. Scientists track solar winds through flares that may sometime get close to earth; they say that what Floridian pilot Bruce Gernon saw that day was a solar flare that was unusually close to the earth and through his compass off through a disturbance of the magnetosphere and energy flux transfer.

B) Aliens: The second theory that I will be bringing too the light is Aliens b. The theory is that creatures from another world created a third dimension in the location called the Bermuda triangle. i. For those of you that are skeptical of intelligent life existing you should probably know that scientists now estimate that not only there are over 500 billion planets in the galaxy, but that there are over 500 million life-capable planets out there as well. ii. So can one say that we are the only people that got just lucky enough to be able to experience life and technology? With that being said UFO enthusiasts argue that the Triangle is a Star Gate that extraterrestrials use for inter-galactic travel. iii. Experienced pilot Lt. Charles Carroll Taylor took flight one clear morning. The next thing they knew he was radioing a call for help he was confused and lost he stated. After this message was sent before they could respond his plane had disappeared. iv. On the other hand the pilot being experienced however not in this region and while he had radioed in he was fifty kilometers off course anyways. He had a reputation for getting lost and this is what non believers of the alien theory