What Caused Beatlemania In The United States?

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Matthew Maciejowski

What caused BeatleMania in the United States?

During the early years of there success the Beatles became more then just a popular band. Too many fans, at one point they where believed to be bigger then Jesus Christ. In 1963 the Beatles where huge across the pond. There first single “Please, Please Me” hit the top of the charts in 1963. Soon after there success skyrocketed they looked to take their talents internationally. At a critical part in the United States history the Beatles made there first international appearance soon after President John f. Kennedy was assainated the country was given something to look forward to. After they appeared in the U.S the Beatles made countless appearance getting huge amounts of fan support all of which were anticipating the release of their new hit single “I Want to Hold your Hand.” This single hit new highs in the music industry at the time solidifying their immortal spot in music history.

There’s no argument that the Beatles success in the United States was a result of there success over seas. Ever since there beginning the Beatles took storm in the UK. They were the next big thing in the music industry, hitting the top of the charts with every single that they released. There first single, Please ,Please Me, was really the one that allowed them to take off and never look back. After there hit single was released they started touring, appearing on UK talk shows , and took part in the usually star struck lifestyle constantly being followed by fans and hearing fan girls screaming for there attention. The Beatles brought a revolution to the UK and the people bought into it and it was only a matter of time until there popularity spread world wide.

Eventually it did and The Beatles became the face of the music industy. The united States soon welcomed The Beatles with