Beatles Memo Essay

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From: A&R REP
Date: 5/20/2014
Greetings Sarge, below you will find mine and Dick Rowe’s justification for signing Brian Poole and the Tremoloes, from London, for a record deal rather than The Beatles, from Liverpool. Dick Rowe and myself have analyzed both The Beatles and Brian Poole and the Tremoloes very closely to help you on your decision of who to give a record deal to in order to profit the most.

The Beatles are a fresh band out of Liverpool and I witnessed them in a live concert as well as inside the studio where they recorded fifteen different songs in order to get a better grasp of what they are capable of. I do think that me being there, with them at the studio, made them nervous as whole, as they are a fairly new band, but their song writing skills were very high. Unfortunately, for The Beatles sake, their drummer cannot keep a steady beat, and he is a large attraction to the women fans as well as a dear friend of the band, which would make it difficult to replace of him. Also, only two members of the band are able to sing, Lennon and McCartney. Lennon and McCartney did have some great original tracks at hand, but they are so new that we believe the song writing aspect of them cannot be taken too seriously since that should be a task left to real professional musicians. The Beatles are located in Liverpool which would make it much more difficult to oversee their progress rather than a band out of London. We also can only assume that The Beatles manager, Brian Epstein, would request you to pay for The Beatles moving costs to London, which would not come cheap to the company. Epstein seems to come off as a very stubborn manager and would be a hassle to work with so often.…