Beatrice Taylor

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She constantly either read the Bible or wrote in her journal. She was accused of firing and kicking a woman named Beatrice Taylor out of her house for getting pregnant, when she was not married. This drove Taylor to committing suicide out of hopelessness. She believes that she did a right action by kicking the woman out of her house because she was following her religious morals, and is certain that she won’t die on the island. She judged others and her sinfulness, and is positive that because of this everyone will die but her. However, she dies from being injected with cyanide after becoming unconscious with chloral hydrate in her coffee. She is the fifth to die on the island.

Dr.William Armstrong- A respected, and professional surgeon. His mistake was that while intoxicated with alcohol, he operated on a woman (Louisa Mary Clees), killing her. He still thinks of himself as an important man of society, who merely made a mistake. He is gullible and has much respect for those who possess leadership qualities, which led to his death. He helps Justice Wargrave fake his own death, but is later betrayed as he was pushed by Wargrave off the cliff to drown, so he is the sixth one to die. When his body is missing for a while, it leads the other survivors to question if he was the murderer,
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He was accused of giving a false testimony in court for a bribe from a gang, which led to a husband/father named James Stephen Landor to a life sentence and eventually die in prison. He introduced himself to the guests under a false name as part of a scandal, but was later forced to admit his real name when the gramophone let out his true name. Blore is egoistical and throughout the whole book doesn’t worry much about anyone but himself. Blore would blurt out at any time reasons why the other guests should be suspicious. Blore dies by being crushed by a clock shaped like a bear, becoming the seventh to