Beautiful: Personal Life and Charles Baudelaire Essay examples

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Beautiful Drunkenness

“Be always drunken. Nothing else matters that is the only question” The proposal of Charles Baudelaire. The writer of the poem “Get Drunk” is conveying a different thought process on how people can get “drunk” in life. Instead of doing a job that may not make you happy, get “drunken” on something that you honestly love. Baudelaire reflects on examples of the birds, of the clock, of whatever flies, or sighs, or rocks, or sings and other yet simple beautiful things in their true sense. He is expressing “drunkenness” as a positive experience. It is clear that the poet suggest readers to not waste time on things they do not enjoy, but embrace things they do enjoy. Baudelaire message is a healthy outlook on life in the sense that doing things you truly enjoy creates a healthier individual. Instead of working for a stock firm to become rich for greed; do a career you honestly enjoy. Do freely what you enjoy doing and not just anything because it brings fame or other materialistic pleasures. Not many individuals in this world are living a true life. Mostly everyone is at work trying to sustain a normal life to keep up with the next person. This outlook on life is unhealthy, competing just to be better than someone else. If we spent more time on doing things we truly loved, it would make greater amount of people happy; which contributes to overall better health. Enjoy the sounds of the waves from the ocean, smelling the scents of beautiful flowers. Let go of all the things that weight you down and get “drunken” in the virtue of life. The writer expresses that you can get “drunken” anywhere and feel that sensibility of freedom. The thought is liberating at getting “drunken” on natural aspects in life itself.

Our society is focused on competing and becoming better then the next person. In this type of mindset it creates stress and worrisome on many individuals lives. Breaking backs, long nights at the office,…