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(Speech and Debate) Beauty and the Beast

The main purpose of this movie is to tell a heartwarming story of love and for an individual’s being and not for their beauty. This movie has served as a Disney original that tells the tale of romance in its unfair circumstances. For many generations society has depicted looks, wealthy materialistic individuals and characteristics that are popular for a potential mate. At one point this was a social norm and it still has a grasp on society. While we venture into this magical tale, new morals and an intriguing plot introduce themselves and entertain all audiences regardless of age, ethnicity, religion, and political standpoints.
The reanimation of this legend Beauty and the Beast by Walt Disney, adequately tells the story of a beast voiced by Robby Benson, Belle voiced by Paige O’ Hara, and Maurice who is voiced by Rex Everhart. This classic movie portrays a once horrific story into a children’s utopia. In doing so, there are many songs, funny jokes, enjoyable animatronics that makes these characters come to life on a full screen. This enchanting tall tale begins in the time before cars & Technology was well developed. The story begins with a young girl named Belle that lives with her father, who is a scientist and technician in progress. While belle is the odd black sheep in the small community, she is only considered this way because she does not show any interest in any other affairs at her age as a young woman. Instead, indulges in reading. Her father Maurice, then becomes successful in his Industrial advancements and decides to go to and inventors fair. When he travels on this trip he mistaken for directions, and ventures into unknown territory. The terrain of the Beast homes a dark aura that seems to give any outsider the idea that the mansion that he lives in is desolated. When trespassing, Maurice is taken as a hostage in return for his wrong deeds and disturbance of the Beasts property and peace of mind. Thus, belle travels and discovers him and trades her life and imprisonment for her father's to go free.
One reason why he was would enjoy this movie is because the storyline is relatively easy to follow. This story was intended for the younger of audiences but complicated enough to be enjoyed and comprehended by all ages therefore making it an ultimate classic of Walt Disney's work. The reason why this is an appropriate the executed Factor is because this story is enjoyed by toddlers and is a story that is far beyond the roots of tradition and has become a movie that is original and authentically crafted to the dreams and ideals of American society and has managed to stem into other regions. Another reason why this