Beauty Andthe Beast Story and Film Comparison Essay

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Beauty and the Beast: Marie Le Prince de Beaumont story vs. Disney film In Europe, the 1700’s was a different time than present day America in which Marie Le Prince de Beaumont’s and Disney’s version of the text of Beauty and the Beast was written and made. To begin with, Europe in the 1700’s was very religion based, meaning that God always came first no matter the situation and has been a dominant thought in shaping the future for Europe. The order of priorities in that time in Europe was God, the Monarchy or royal family, and then comes the rest of a person’s priorities. A monarchy always has a royal family in which there is a king or queen, princes and princesses and they do little to no work while the poor did all the work. In preset …show more content…
On the other hand, Beast in the Disney movie has a very bad temper with Belle as he becomes extremely frustrated and impatient with her causing her to be afraid of him. With him scaring her, Beast shows his dominant side because he is afraid to show any weaknesses. This is also another characteristic of a man in American’s society. What wins Belle over for the Beast is when he saves her from the wolves attacking Belle. Belle is very similar to how women react to men in the America society by her practically falling for him after Beast saves her life. In other words, the two Beast characters are opposites of one another and are revealed by how he treats Beauty or Belle and how Beauty or Belle reacts to his actions. The other main character in the two stories is Beauty or Belle, and the two characters are very similar in characteristics as they each represent how a woman in their time can be different than the other women in each of their respectable societies. Both of these characters are sweet and kind to everybody no matter the person, smart as they each read books all day and judged by doing so in each text, obedient to her father or her family no matter the situation and also her most important feature is that she is beautiful on the inside and out and the reason why she is called Beauty or Belle, which is French for beauty. The difference between the two though is how the two characters present themselves in the public. Beauty represents a