Beauty: Angelina Jolie and True Beauty Essay

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Beauty In my opinion, blind people are quite blessed. Their blindness allows them to discover true beauty without being swayed by the phoniness of many physical appearances. Anyone can revise their physical appearance to look more beautiful. They can buy fake eyelashes to make their lashes look fuller, they can buy hair extensions to make their hair appear longer, and they can even pay a plastic surgeon to have their breasts look seductive. In our world today, you can go from looking like a dead zombie, to Americas Next Top Model in just a few minutes by applying makeup. The cosmetic industry of today provides endless possibilities that allow people to achieve the body of their dreams. These things would be great if they weren't so commonly mistaken for being "beautiful". I have seen way too many people confusing the idea of beauty, with the meaning of "pretty". I have herd several people talk about what changes they need to make to their bodies in order for them to be beautiful. Whenever I hear this, I always reply by telling them how incorrect they are. They need to learn that being beautiful is not the same as being pretty. I have come to accept that I will never be a super model. I will never strut down the runway of fashion week in Milan, or pose for the cover of Italian Vogue. I know that I will never be a Cover Girl nor a Victoria Secret Spokes Model. I am comfortable with the fact that I will never be a Tyra Banks, Kate Moss, Angelina Jolie, or Beyonce of my generation. I could wear hair extensions, get plastic surgery, wear lots of makeup, and even starve myself to lose weight, but regardless of any procedure I do or how much I update my wardrobe, it won't change the fact that I am too short for runway, too chunky for Seventeen Magazine, and too average to be a Cover Girl. The best part about this is that I am totally satisfied with myself because I know the true meaning of beautiful.

True beauty is walking into a room and illuminating every dark corner with sheer charm. True beauty is the ability to connect with new people because they are drawn to your warm energy and friendly aura. As "pretty" as some people can be on the outside, they can be ugly in the inside. What I mean is, for someone to think that they can be narcissistic and totally inconsiderate of other people's feelings, just because they look pretty, is as shallow as shallow can get. I have come across many girls who felt they were so pretty that they didn't need to be faithful to their boyfriend or treat their friends with respect. These girls thought that no matter how poorly they treated others, everyone in their life would just accept it, because the popularity and social status that comes along with hanging-out with a "beautiful" girl is worth the ridicule. True beauty possesses the humility to accept personal flaws and the confidence to stay true to yourself, regardless of any external pressures to conform. Beautiful people do not need other people to tell them that they are beautiful and at the same time, they do not hold themselves up on a pedestal. Arrogance is an unattractive quality in anyone, despite how pretty they may look. Insecurity can be equally as unattractive because along with insecurity often comes the pity of others. Pity is just a polite way of stating, "I'm so glad I don't have to be you". When a person possesses beautiful qualities they attract others who enjoy that person for who they are on the inside. True beauty is often disguised in kindness which also comes from the inside. In my eyes, Angelina Jolie is not even half as beautiful as my grandmother. My grandmother has always been the epitome of kindness in my life. She was always so pleasant that I currently aspire to be just like her. My grandmother embodies everything that true beauty means to me. I still have memories of her waking up at five in the morning to make me a warm cup of hot coco when I was