Beauty: Beauty and People Essay

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“Nowadays people worry too much about their outer appearance rather than their inner appearance purely because society’s view towards beauty is entirely different.” Beauty is the most influential instrument in today’s society. It is used by many agencies that manipulate thoughts of the younger generations, who are trying to replicate an impossible image the media pursues it to be. Society is taught from a young age that this entity is achievable, yet, sets the standard too high. People often become both mentally and physically distorted when trying to reach it. Beauty is an unfair idea that is pushed upon people’s minds that force them to change their definition of beauty itself.
Beauty and the way people look has been a huge part of society for decades. For example, in England, pale skin was something men and women aimed for. It showed the rest of the world that they did not have to sit out or work all day in the sun. Pale skin signified the upper classes, the wealthy, and the kings and queens. The 1950s was known for a softer, more feminine look such as rosy cheeks, bright lips, and curly hair. The more polished and groomed they appeared, the better they were. The men, however, resembled characters from movies, wearing gray flannel suits which made them look like businessmen. The richer they dressed, the better they felt. The 1980s was a time of big hair and bold colors. Women strived for brighter clothing and makeup during this period. They thought that the men would notice them better, which was what all of the women wanted during this era. As time passes, advertising is not only everywhere, but greater tools such as a television, have been created to broadcast the “perfect” look and make it seem almost real. Today, society sees women having perfect skin, a fresh look, and a clean reputation. Men are also seen to have clear skin, vast muscles, and a tall physique. People frequently start to buy company products because they will do anything they can to get that poised look, even if it becomes unhealthy for them. The companies do not care about their buyers or about the quality of their products. They only care about the buyer’s money.
The media constantly changes our perception of what beauty is because people in the society permit it. It projects images of beauty for everyone to see so that a model is formed. People are then forced to live up to this standard or to be believed as ugly. The companies promote their view of beauty by simply repeating their product. They identify the new standard and begin flooding the market with anyone who resembles it. They push this look into the television shows, commercials, movies, magazines, posters and anything else which can bare a visual image. They force us to encounter the images everywhere we turn and finally people give in to them. If it is repeated often enough, soon their lies are accepted as the truth and people begin to start looking that way because it is how we function. People would rather look a certain way and feel miserable than look the way they