Beauty is Pain Essay

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Abigail Plant
Mr. Regetz
06 October 2014
Beauty is Pain In today’s society, advertisements play a huge role in people’s actions, thoughts, and appearances. Depending on who the targeted audience is, some people may interpret the ad as offensive, while others may not. In Sisley’s campaign for their “Fashioin Junkie” clothing line, two younger, Caucasian females appear to be snorting a line of cocaine, when in reality, the “cocaine” is a dress. The advertisers use a variety of social values to sell their product including gender, race, and the alluring qualities of addictive drugs. By utilizing these three elements, “Fashioin Junkie” appeals to specifically a younger, Caucasian audience, showing that their clothing line is not only addicting, but also causes girls who buy and wear it to look cool. The ad for Sisley’s clothes reveals the horrifying glamour of today’s fashion industries social values, through the use of these three components, gender, race, and drugs, creating much controversy. It is no secret that certain ads appeal to a specific gender in order to sell their products, especially when dealing with fashion. In Sisley’s “Fashioin Junkie” advertisement, the designers are clearly trying to persuade females to buy their clothes, due to the fact that it is a girls clothing line. Although the ladies in the picture are normal, young girls, how they are portrayed in the image causes female viewers to think otherwise. The two models shown in the picture are obviously out partying, given the dark atmosphere, their appearance, and the “drugs”. By bringing all three elements together, girls automatically think the fashion line can help them be just as glamorous, without even realizing it. If advertisers had not put all three pieces together, the ad most likely would not have been as effective to the targeted female audience. Looking at this advertisement, many people do not realize how stereotypical it is. Both of the girls in this picture are Caucasian and seem to have a decent amount of money, yet again due to the atmosphere and setting. Commonly, when a person is white, others associate them with coming from a wealthy background and not having to work extremely hard for their money. Although it is only a stereotype, this ad is obviously directed towards girls of Caucasian descent, not only because of their “privileged” life, but also because the type of drug portrayed in the picture. Statistics have shown that “[n]early 20 percent of whites have used cocaine, compared with 10 percent of blacks and Latinos” (Knafo 1). Even though many people, Caucasian or not, see drugs as horrible, advertisers still used cocaine to appeal to white and, quote on quote, “rich” audience. Lastly, previously mentioned, the advertiser’s use of the white dress lying on a slick black table to create the allusion of cocaine is extremely important. When asked about the white powder, most people aging from twelve and up can explain the dangers and addictiveness of this drug. The Sisley Company not only glamourizes, but also utilizes it to show that their products are cool and addicting. Though the portrayal is clever, it is also controversial. It is known by many that the fashion industry is commonly associated with drug abuse