Beauty: Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Essay

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Visual Essay
Harrison Bergeron

In the visual part of my essay I have drawn the ballerina at the end of the story. The right half of her face is covered by the hideous mask that she had to wear, while he left half shows what’s behind the mask. Her beauty that is being closed off from the world, as she is being forced to wear that mask against her will. She is also wearing headphones to keep her thoughts of dance and knowledge out of her head. To put someone though all of that torture so that everyone can be equal, is insane. In the short story Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut Jr., the idea of going into extremes to make everyone equal is presented. Through the process why make everyone feel “equal” when it is trapping them from what they want to be. (Essential Question) By threatening them to follow the rules can cause out break and rebellious characters, unless the threats weren’t empty but filled with violence instead.

The right half of my ballerina is showing the mask she is forced to wear and how it’s dark and cold looking, nothing a ballerina. The mask is supposed to make her equal to everyone else by making her ugly; the mask was really just hiding her from everyone. I made the eyes in the mask black; normally people’s eyes tell a story and show their emotion. Making the eyes black shows she has no emotion, she’s a black hole. Not being able to show or think any emotions, it’s like looking into the dark you can’t tell what’s going to happen or happened. Just a black hole. The ear piece is supposed to make all of her thoughts end; it’s holding her back from what she is. Making her wear all of this ridiculous equipment to make her equal is outrageous!

The left side of the ballerina’s face is representing her, and what’s under the mask. There is a beautiful innocent lady, waiting for her time to shine. Without all the equipment she is able to be herself, and not feel imprisoned and caged. The painting show all the dirt on her face that has worn off for that mask, even it being off she still feels it on her skin physically and mentally. The mask of being “equal” is hiding all of the beauty that she holds. The government has scared her into not wanting to take off her mask, knowing that if will end worse than the emotional scares of be “equal” has left. Thankfully Harrison comes around and rips it right off her face, showing the world her beauty. I chose to use very little colour in my visual, the thought of