Essay about Beauty, the True Beast

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Beauty, the True Beast

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. As such, beauty is not so easy to define. There are many definitions of beauty based on shape, size, age or even color, as beauty can describe inanimate objects, sounds, or just plain sights such as landscapes as well. Because art comes in many different forms, it is hard to classify any one person or thing as beautiful, as it truly is up each individual person to decide whether or not beauty is present.

Any usage of art can bring a form of emotion to the recipient. The emotions felt are a formed by the beauty of the art itself. A canvas has no limits, and any strokes of a paint brush could be described as beautiful, in one’s eyes. A picture of a sunset over the horizon of a lake on a warm crisp summer evening, a homeless woman shielding her child from the tear gas of an oppressive government officer, or something as simple as a dog rolling in the grass can create an aesthetic feeling that some would call beauty. Seeing as how music is a form of art as well, it is not surprising that the voice of an artist belting out the notes of an emotionally driven song can bring out the tears in the listener. Or the familiar groove of a bass line unconsciously forcing a dancer to move their body, while the guitar solo brings a feeling of hopefulness with its arrangements of notes. Even abstract ideas of art can be considered beautiful. A string of events, whether it be a life itself can be beautiful, or the life of another can be just as artistic and beautiful. Even fictional lives can be beautiful as well. Plots in stories, the thoughts of characters, their outlooks on lives, or even the personalities given to them can be just as artistic, and bring a longing feeling to them. Art in itself can invoke emotion, and make the viewers or listeners feel an overwhelming sense of true beauty radiating from the piece of art.

Besides art, many find beauty in other human beings. In the United States for example, most would portray women like Mila Kunis, or Emma Stone as the ideal of beauty. They are slim, curvy, well dressed, and famous. However, the media is the one to credit the public’s belief that this is true beauty. Hollywood creates fantasy worlds in which men fall head over heels for women with “these” ideal physical traits, and create a false image in their viewer’s minds that is more toxic than most like to admit. Not all women have to appear like Megan Fox to be considered beautiful though. Most times, you find true beauty in the one you love. They don’t need make-up, money, clothes, fame, or the lifestyle of the rich and famous in order to cast a spell of love on somebody, just their pure inner beauty. Sometimes, just one’s personality, or the way that they treat you can be beautiful. To trump an old cliché, true beauty is NOT skin deep. In some African cultures, beauty is portrayed in a different way. For instance, the day