Beauty: Traditional Chinese Characters and Cat Man Essay

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Ningbo Zhicheng School International, DP
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SY 2011-2012

Title: Everybody has different idea for beauty
Name: Daniel Zhu

Date: 26 October, 2011

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Table of Contents
Abstract -------------------- 3

Introduction -------------------- 3

Love -------------------- 3

Padong -------------------- 3-4

Foot-binding -------------------- 4

Face-lifting -------------------- 5

Conclusion -------------------- 5-6

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Everybody was living different grew up environment, that people has different individual culture. Different countries/nations culture, countries/nations traditional viewpoint all things would influence people thought what beauty is true for self.

In the world it doesn’t have true beauty for everybody. Because I thought everybody has different individual culture, different countries/nations culture, different traditional view, all things would influence people thought what beauty is true for self.

I would use three examples to support my viewpoint. The examples were Padong, Chinese foot-binding, “Cat man”. I would explain why, and gave reasons.

While people grew up, everybody had different culture from their life. Because life likes a movie, between everyone has different drama. Your family, your education, your friends, your country culture, your traditional view, your growing time and all things would influence you yourself individual culture. Everybody had different true beauty for themselves. Maybe, you thought something was beauty, for others people or further people or ancient people maybe not.

One of my friends, his mother died, he was only two years old. His father married with the other woman. His father and his stepmother took most love to his young brother. Even I could say he didn’t enjoy his family love and he hate lived with his family, but when he spent time with his friends together he was really enjoying joy time. For him, family love wasn’t beauty, family love is luxury. For I myself, family love was normal thing, was beauty. Family love would let you warm up, would let you pour out you everything. Family is your life haven. While you would feel tired, you could rest on here. While your met trouble, you could found solving way on here. So for me, family love was beauty.


Between Northern Thailand and Burma boundary, there was a very special nation called “Padong”. Padong nation mixed up by Karen nation and Padaung nation. From thousands of years, Padong nation girls when their only five years old they had to put copper rings in their neck. It started pit three copper rings in their neck, then every time would increase copper ring, until twenty copper rings. And their arm and their shank also added wreaths of copper rings, their walk pose likes phoenix rising that they think. They thought that was beauty of their nation view. (Asia Dragon) (Asia Phoenix)
Because their nation ancestors believed that men were dragon,Women were phoenix. For Padong nation, long neck and who walks pose likes phoenix, they defined was beauty for them. For me, I would think ridiculousness.

For another example, in ancient China, women liked to foot-binding, foot-binding was Chinese traditional habits. Foot-binding was using cloth and silk to bind feet up, and small feet size would be an important condition for beauty. Nobody would know why Chinese ancient people would to foot-binding.
However, I thought that was Chinese bad habits, because women would have two deformity feet. Look at picture, did you think foot-binding was beauty or not. who was a beauty. So,