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I believe in beauty

I believe in beauty. Not the type that has to be photo shopped, or wins pageants with 10 pounds of makeup and hair all big, or physically altered to fit society's expectations. But the kind that one installs in oneself. Their personality, how they react to certain situations; is their true self, their true beauty. I have seen beauty in everyone. From an 85 year old man to a 5 year old child. No matter what the age, they both have heart stopping beauty. Ask the 5 year old what is wrong with your outfit; when you're wearing an outfit that is unsatisfying to the eye, they will reply with words so positive it's impossible to think that later in like they will have an antipathy towards someone or something. And the 85 year old will tell you to be who you are because inner beauty is more important that what's on the outside. I believe artists have the ability to create art and be completely fine with its mistakes. Because it is mistakes that make something beautiful. Nothing is perfect, no one is perfect. I am jealous of creative painters and artists, because they see the beauty in more objects than I do. Most people think that true beauty is on the outside of a person, but it is not, it's what's on the inside. Whether you like it or not you judge every woman or man you see. Their appearance, the way the talk to you, and their body language. We try not to, but we all do it. That's how we society taught us. Having a conversation, can you tell if you're listening or still judging them. I believe survivors have beauty. The ones