Bech Taxi Essay

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Introduction to Beck Taxi:- Beck Taxi is the leading taxi brokerage with the highest number of taxis in the city of Toronto. Beck Taxi was founded by Jim Beck and is still a family run business. Today the founder's daughter, Gail Beck-Souter carries on the tradition of excellent service. With Ms. Beck-Souter's attention to detail and leadership, she has made Beck Taxi the largest and most successful taxicab company in the country. With over 1,400 available taxis operated by our professionally trained independent contracted drivers.

Issues faced by Beck:- The issue faced by Beck Taxi was the pricing challenge in a three months summer season. Summer was
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If the idea or alternatives above succeed then all the direct stake holders will be having profits, not only they will be retaining the old employees but also new drivers and plate holders will give them business too.
B. Beck Taxi: Absolutely, this will be the best alternative which can able to give business to all the direct stake holders. According to me this alternative is balanced and would be bringing profit not only to Beck taxi but also to the organization and employees associated with it.
C. Indirect stake holders: The indirect stake holder which are Customers and Competitors of Beck. The customers will also be affected as if Beck will provide them transportation they will no need to use their personal vehicle and they can save lot of money, but the competitors would have been problem with their status in market as more people and drivers want to be doing business with the Beck taxi.

Risk Analysis:- As Beck is major brokerage in cab industry and the giant in market. Immediate to Beck taxi is Diamond taxi which has only 475 vehicles in compare to more than 1,400 vehicles of Beck, so even if Beck taxi take any risk of reducing radio fee or another step. I don’t think they will also dare to compete to Beck, if they also reduce the radio fee and it would not work than they will be thrown away from the market. Beck can afford any risk as they are three times