Becoming A Band Director Essay

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When given the question of enrollment, employment, or enlisting, I chose enrollment. Since I was younger, I have always looked forward to the day I go to college. I want to attend a four year university after graduation and receive my Bachelor’s degree in Music Education. After graduating from college, my goal is to become a high school band director. Being a band director is my chosen career path because I want to positively influence America's youth through the fine arts department.
As a band director, I want to accomplish a number of tasks. My list of duties would include: teaching and conducting multiple band classes, running the marching band program during the fall season, being a guard instructor during the winter season and helping students become better musicians and performers. Instructing a large concert ensemble includes helping the students learn scales, encouraging them to practice, and being willing to help whenever they need it. Not only will I have the responsibilities of fostering young musicians, but I will also have to make
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I plan on participating in marching band, concert band and winter guard for the rest of my high school career. After high school, I’m going to apply to multiple universities and hope for the best. My plan is to graduate college with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education. says that “participating in or giving music lessons, joining ensembles and assuming leadership roles will help prospective band directors test their abilities by using them”. According to the Bureau of Labor, band directors average about $50,110 a year. Being a band director has its obvious disadvantages and advantages. lists multiple benefits of being a band director which include “flexibility, mentoring, technique improvement and musical contribution”. Some disadvantages include low pay in certain states, lack of funding and devoting so much time to the