Becoming A Correctional Officer Admissions Essay

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone under the CEEDS umbrella for giving me the opportunity to serve as cadet on behalf of Department of Corrections and John Jay College of Criminal Justice. I have a gained valuable insight into the correctional facilities over the past months. This impact that this program has on me is explicable. This program has definitely increased my interest in pursuing a career as a Correctional Officer. I will never forget this opportunity it will always be a big part of me becoming a great correctional officer in the future. I am proud to say that everyone that I have meet through the CEEDS program has welcome me with open arms. The stimulating presentation and conversation with correctional professional and former offenders were especially helpful to me because I had no idea what really goes on the correctional facilities.
My first thought about this program was I’d be working in the most dangerous place on earth but mostly doing administrative work and barely talking to my coworker, I must say that the program has a lot of surprises but at all my first though was completely wrong. To my surprise everyone that I have met are like family to me.
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It was very exciting; I remember leaving this tour with a big smile on my face thinking this is definitely my dream job. I was excited, I remember telling my dad everything about my dad which I don’t do that often. Fast-forwarding to the first cohort meeting where we were required to speak about our interest in this program, it was so nerve-wracking because they were a lot of senior officer but I did it and I was happy. I remember telling Rachel the director of the CEEDS program about my presentation to my surprise she made me feel comfortable, Rachel has been very helpful through this progress whenever I felt down she reinsure me that everything will be just