Becoming A Theatre Director Essay

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Theatre Director’s have to be well educated and or experienced in this profession. They prepare productions so that they are successful. Being successful comes with learning the history of theatre and what you have to do as a director. That is not all though, having a good attitude is needed as well. The benefits that come with the job are good like the pay, and getting to work with others who have a great love for theatre just as the director does. Theatre started in the 1800’s, the age of revolution. The plays started off as being romances. Then gradually started using different genre’s of plays, so the audience would see different types. After twenty years a lot of things started to become more clear to the people who were in theatre, like becoming more acquainted with their settings and characters that they are …show more content…
This enlarges one’s fine arts background. (Theater Director:). If this has not been done, usually extensive experience in the fine arts field is required. Yet between doing those two, having a bachelors degree definitely looks better. Sometimes progression is needed to become a director. Starting out as a actor, assistant director, producer, stage manager, or writer is a great way to become a theatre director. (Theatre Director). It gives hands on experience with certain stuff pertaining to theatre, and getting a good reputation from it is a good start. Being a theatre director means you also have to have skills you can learn in school and also cannot. Writing skills are needed, having self motivation and having the ability to motivate others. (Theatre director). Team work and time management is a big thing, having time management is really needed when putting on a play. You have to have a certain timed schedule for everything that revolves around it. What is needed the most is dedication and enthusiasm, nobody is going to be enthusiastic if the director is