A Description Of Becoming A Health

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Recommended Servings

My Servings

Fruit- 1 ½ cups

I usually eat a banana or orange in the morning. Also, for lunch I always bring strawberries, mandarin oranges, etc.

Veggie- 2½ cups

I typically never eat vegetables, and if I do it’s either beans or corn during dinner.

Grains- 6 ounce equivalents

I usually eat toast in the morning. I eat a sandwich or some type of pasta for lunch and also sometimes for dinner.

Protein Foods- 5 ounce equivalents

I eat sandwich meat almost every day for lunch. Also, for dinner we have some type of meat. I usually eat a lot of baked beans and peanut butter as well.

Dairy- 3 cups

I always have a glass of milk in the morning. I typically eat yogurt for either breakfast or lunch. I drink a lot of Nesquik chocolate milk throughout the day.

Oils- 6 teaspoons

I don’t really feel like I eat very much oil at all.


I typically drink one or two bottles of Nesquik chocolate milk a day.
Each bottle has 24g of sugar in it, which is right under the recommended intake of 25g. By drinking one of these I already reach my recommended limit for the day.

• I typically get 30min during the day while in weight lifting and then typically none after school unless I have practice (60-180min). During track season I get about 120min every day.
Recommended Exercise
Center for Disease
Control (CDC)

Children and adolescents should do 60 minutes (1 hour) or more of