Becoming a Parent Essay

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Being a Parent
I think that one of the most profound change a person can go through is the change when they find out that they are having a baby, it can be your first or your tenth. I learned that the infant turns into a toddler overnight it seems like, and that every year after that goes faster and faster. Treasuring very moment becomes the most important aspect of every days, and that the dishes and laundry can wait for a little bit while I dance with my three year old to the theme song of Mickey Mouse club house, or sit and play cars with. This days go by so fast soon they would rather play with their friends and not with mommy.
I remember the moment that I saw the two little pink lines show up on the test, the world seemed to stop and I held my breath. I was pregnant, a million and one questions echoed in my head, was I ready for this, how is he going to react, we’ve only been dating s few weeks. My fate was sealed when I heard his heart beat and saw the little peanut shaped blob on the ultra sound screen, he was my baby and I was going to be his mom. There was a whole new world of unknowns, the terror slowly set in, how was I going to support his kid I didn’t even have a job, and I wasn’t sure if his dad and I were going to stay together, but we have been married for four years now.
Soon after he deployed, leaving me to get everything ready by myself. Experiencing the pregnancy by myself, not being able to talk to him every day, have him feel his son move for the first time was really hard to deal with. It kind of ruins the whole thought of having a baby together, but that is the army life, as people put it, allot of alone time. During the time that he was gone, I did everything by myself, all the doctors’ appointments, and the first’s that can never be repeated. It was hard adjusting to motherhood without help but I did and lived to tell about it.
After I had my son I