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Matthew Di Loreto
Period 3B

Cheating BR Journal
What defines the act of Cheating? Is it copying off someones paper without their consent? or is it collaborating as a group on a project? Depending on the parameters of ‘Cheating’, its definition varies by instructor. While some may only allow individual effort and prohibit collaboration of peers during class, others may allow each pupil to work in groups that share a common cause. In comparison to the past, the lines of what define cheating have faded, as now it is both accepted and shunned to used the Internet as a resource in one’s work purely as a guide to finding deeper meaning. It is ,however, blatant cheating if one simply takes the work of another and calls it their own, in contrast to another who paraphrases and elaborated on the essence of the subject. As William Mizner, a known Playwright and Writer, put it well, “
If you steal from one author it's plagiarism; if you steal from many it's research.” In conclusion, cheating is not

well defined nowadays, as it not rests upon the individual who judges it. Questions
1. Reasons Wenke suggests for the increase in cheating among students are the pressure placed on students to go to a good college, the goal-oriented mentality of students today,and the willingness to achieve goals despite if it goes against our values.
2. Wenke sees the lack of emphasis on learning and the possibility of students becoming leaders by way of cheating as negative consequences among students today.
3. The solution that Wenke offers for the problem of student cheating is to stop emphasizing on getting grades and instead start focusing on the actual learning.
1. Wenkes situation empathizes with the audience of the students nowadays who are overwhelmed with everything, and see cheating as a necessary tool in order to excel against the others. 2. Wenke cites many outside sources in the course of her essay.
These sources strengthen her arguments. These sources provide the evidence she needs to make her claim valid and convincible to her readers. It also shows the reader that she is not the only person who agrees with this argument.
3. The effect of Wenkes admission that she herself copied homework from friends in highschool is that it provides ethical appeal. By admitting that she has copied, provides that she is a source who is well-informed and understands why students cheat because she herself has done the very same thing.

Friendster Journal
Social Media is one of the largest growing enterprises in the modern day. Billions of people now use Social Media accounts, and as a matter of fact in 2011, Facebook surpassed its One Billionth User.
But what has made Social Networking such a popular activity in todays culture? Social Networking became prominent in 1995 with the advent of
AOL (America Online), the was just a community sharing and email site during its peak. However, Social Networking has transformed from Friendster to MySpace to Facebook and Instagram, each becoming more complex and interactive with the users. In such sites people can ‘add’ each other to