Beef kills Essay

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Beef will be the downfall of the American civilization. Since the early development of our country when Teddy Roosevelt was president and the book "The Jungle" was published the eyes of the public have been trying to be opened to the truth about factory farming and the production of meat products. Over time and to this day people are still writing books and making documentaries and trying to let the public be warned of the injustice to animals let alone to their own bodies. Despite the fact that the potential threat for punishment by sued for slandering certain companies these few brae people are fighting back against these power players because they recognize the fact that potential danger for civilization is in fact a very possible risk factor. The pesticides used on the corn and soybeans that are manufactured in America to feed livestock are transferred into the livestock when they consume the food, and is again transferred into the consumer through the meat of the livestock posing a threat of bacterial infection and the susceptibility of diseases being spread. Which there are already cases of these that have killed adults and children that aren't publicized because their families are threatened with lawsuits. As well as the fact that cows and livestock aren't "built" to eat corn and are forced to do so in order for larger meat production and output to be received, despite the fact that it causes the cattle to be susceptible to these diseases and bacterial infections…