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Ancient Civilization Writing Assignment I believe religion was the most important feature of Ancient Persia. The main religion of Ancient Persia was Zoroastrianism. The founder of Zoroastrianism, Zoroaster, introduced new concepts, features, and a new central idea to the Persians. Characteristics of Zoroastrianism came to Zoroaster in a vision and he eagerly shared and taught others about his unique experience. The vision that had transformed his life and faith quickly began inspiring others. Zoroastrianism followers separated the good and evil from their lives to keep the God, Ahura Mazda, satisfied and make his judgment at the end of their lives more positive. I believe the people separating the good and evil from their lives and focusing more on good thoughts and actions lead the civilization as a whole to continually thrive. The people were at peace with one another because of a mutual religion, which allowed the civilization to focus on more major issues, like fighting with tribes, other than petty feuds between one another. Zoroastrianism brought Persians together and helped the Persian Empire achieve things such as wealth and power. I believe public works was the most undeveloped feature of Ancient Persia. Ancient Persia was home to arguably one of the most powerful empires of the time, a well-known religion that spread like wildfire throughout the civilization, and kings that left their marks in history by keeping an Empire successful for hundreds of years. These contributions brought a surplus of wealth and power to the Persian Empire, but were not reflected often or well through public works. There was a lack of public works