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Concession Stand – popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones, dipndots, corn dogs, hot dogs, pretzels, animal crackers, hamburgers, funnel cakes, poor mans apple, fries, pizza, corn on the cob, potato salad, macaroni salad, slushies/smoothies, lemonade, popcicles
Hot dog vendor:

(Adam can print out the clipart larger or alter the text on it if you want to use any for decorations/fliers/posters etc.) string small balloons (water balloons filled with air work well) from the top of the umbrella. Tie the balloons to twine and anchor the twine to the ground with a golf tee.

Use pool noodles / stakes

Reuse hot air balloon from last year.

Craft Cove
Clown Hat
Clown Hat:

Elephant Puppet:
Fingerprint Balloon:
Clown paper bag puppet:
Cross Necklace:

LIFE SIZE CLOWNS--Materials: Large sheets of paper (roll paper), markers, crayons, decorations as desired.Form partners between the children. Have them take turns tracing each others bodies onto the paper. (If children are young an adult may need to trace) Children then color and decorate their tracing as a clown. Cute all lined up around the room or down a hallway!
Put out some felt, scraps of fabric, yarn, ribbon, google eys, and pom poms -- see what the kids come up with! Maybe something like this )
Decorate a flower pot and plant a seed
Balancing clown craft-
Photo Frame:
Wood photo block:
Foam shapes:
Ice cream clip:
Sand Art:
Use salt dyed with food coloring for the sand.
Design their own loot bag
Midway Games/Booths/Prizes/Extras
Sidewalk chalk Tie a magnet to one end of a piece of string and a yardstick to the other. The magnet catches construction-paper fish fitted with metal paper clips. The challenge? Kids are blindfolded. They get three turns to win: three tickets for a shark, two for a red fish, one for a boot. Spray-Away GameThe target table: a white box decorated with