Beer Industry Austlia Market Mix Essay

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Beer Industry

Table of Content

1. Executive summary 2. Content 3. Micro Environment 1. Organization 2. Suppliers 3. Marketing intermediaries 4. Customers 5. Competitors 6. Publics 4. Macro Environment 1. Demography 2. Economic Environment 3. Natural Environment 4. Technological Environment 5. Political Environment 6. Cultural Environment 5. Product Strategies 6. Place Strategies 7. Promotion Strategies 8. Price Strategies 9. Conclusion

1. Executive summary

The beer industry has been around for centuries and is still growing strong as to date. This report talks about the macro and microenvironment and the 4 P’s of
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For the beer industry, the likely market to focus on would be the consumer market, reseller market and international market. Beer is a product that is consumed by individuals around the world for example, Japan consumed 6 151.9 m litre in 2006 and china consumed 31,901.8 m litres in 2005. To reach out to these individuals, companies will have to get resellers to be a distributor for them and for more ambitious company they can expand into the international market with the beer.

3.5 Competitors

An organization must always keep track of their competitor’s strength and weaknesses cause to be successful, they must provide better customer value and satisfaction then its competitors. There is no best competitive plan for all organization. Each organization must know their own limits and abilities and make use of their own capabilities to win the competitors.

In the beer industry, there are many different brands of beers around and if your beer is too expensive customer may just switch to another beer that may taste almost similar to you. So each organization must find way to win their competitors be it in price or taste. Wine and spirits are also competitors to the beer industry. Wine has been known to people of its benefits and has been encourage throughout the years that drinking red wine moderately improves health and in 2006 prices of wine in Australia decrease by 0.1% where as beer as increase by 1.2% and these may