Bees Hive: A Short Story

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My eyes lid up as I looked up at the huge bee hive in my back yard.I was scared and exited all at the same time!I remember my dad telling me to never disterb a bees hive.So then I ran inside for a very good lunch. AFter lunch I told mom and Layla all about the bees hive mom told me and Layla to stay away from the bees hive. All I could think about that after noon was the huge bees hive.So I though about it some more and went on google and looked up bees and read so much hears some things that I learned.Did you know that once a qeen meets with wokers to mate the worker dies.When thers a new qeen she kills all of the old qeens babys and takes over .When a honey bee worker finds alot of flowers it does a special dance.After a honey bee stings