Southwest Airlines Communication

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Mianca White
Behavior and Communication

I chose to use Southwest Airlines organization, the culture of this organization is an informal culture with a strong culture background. Southwest Airlines has been in operation for about 44 years. They were established out of Dallas, Texas in 1971 but grew to become a major airline in 1989 when it succeeded the billion dollar mark. Striving to not be like other airlines with excellent Customer Service, over 45,000 employees worldwide to implement the great Customer service that the give to almost if not over 100 million customers annually.

Effective communication is the best way for southwest to build relationships within the organizations the company exceeds at communicating well- which means it’s communicates very often, and in a very timely manner and with efforts focused on solving problems and not just fixing the blame. South west have many types of communication. One of the ways they communicate is by radio in which is the main communicator. Reason for that type of communication is for example turning around an airplane is very complex task which takes 12 carefully strategized functions- pilot, flight attendants, mechanics, gate agents, ticketing agents, ramp agents, baggage transfer agents, aircraft cleaners, caterers, fuellers, freight agents and operations agents. In most case these functional departments bump heads. And whenever delays happens the finger is pointed elsewhere.

Jody Gittell Stated that Southwest Airlines communication is not due to one