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Montana 1948 Oral Presentation
Do a character study/comparison between Wes and Frank. Explain how the two brothers might behave so differently with regard to their father, wives and attitudes to Indians.
Wesley and Franks wives, attitudes towards Indians and their father Julian are the reasons for their different behaviours.
Different behaviours in regard to Julian.
Julian’s personality as a very dominating and controlling man has had an effect on the behaviour of Wes and Frank.
For Frank, it seemed life came pretty easy; he was never got told off by Julian and was always free to do what he wanted without being lectured or criticized. The crime that Frank has committed doesn’t bother Julian and he just shrugs it off like it's an ordinary thing to be doing. This why his been able to continue doing it for such a long time and get away with it. Julian sees more highly of Frank isn’t so controlling and dominating as he is with Wesley therefore Frank has more freedom of what he does.
Wesley on the other hand is easily controlled, manipulated and allows Julian to dominate his decision making. Wes constantly has to seek his father’s approval. It seemed that Wes was never good enough or will be as good as his older brother and despite knowing this; Wes continually does things for his father so that he might be given a bit of affection that his brother always receives. When Julian told Wes’ he had to come back to Bentrock and become sheriff, David says “It would never have occurred to my father to refuse.” This shows what Wes is willing to do in order to please his father.
Different behaviours in regard to their attitudes towards Indians
Although Wes held Indians in low regard and believed that they were ignorant, last superstitious and irresponsible, his racist attitude only goes to a certain extent and it’s not as bad as some other people in the town. He still sees the Indians as human beings whereas Frank treats them badly and feels that he is superior to them. He thought extremely low of them to the point that their harm was his pleasure.
There is also a similar behaviour in regard to their attitudes towards Indians. In one part of the story when Wes Hayden is calling…