Behavior Intervention Plan

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Acme, Inc. has assisted Pathway High School in their development of a School Wide Positive Behavior Support program and individual behavior interventions plan for students displaying inappropriate behaviors. The goal of the SWPBS is decrease problem behaviors, implement behavior correction procedures, and increase student satisfaction.

The purpose and importance of the data that has been collected for this report can be used in the program planning process by providing goals that are realistic and achievable, provide strategies that can assist the children and teachers in behavior management that can both prevent and replace behaviors with positive ones. The programs goals, missions, objectives and activities improve all those
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Intervention based off the provided data had a positive effect. The intervention had the ability to decrease the number of incidences over the 6 month period, meaning the behavior intervention plan was effective. You can say students exceeded expectations with little or no resistance.

Considering the level of data as well as any trends in the data discuss if the data meets the original objective related to challenging behavior incidents. Describe any additional considerations or analysis needed in relation to the intervention based on your evaluation of the data.

With regards the trend of the data I will say the data does meets the original objective in decreasing behavior. I would like to do a further analysis for the month of March to see if anything different happen in that month as reported incidents was the lowest of all the months. The information provided can give insight as to what else can be implemented to keep behaviors at a minimal.

Average Score/ Effects of Program/Objective’s
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Average before Implementation: 58.125 Average after Implementation: 90.625

Use this data to discuss the effect of the program on correct implementation of behavior management procedures in the classroom.

The behavior management procedures had a great effect on the behavior displayed within the classroom. The individual scores show a substantial improvement even with Teacher B. With correct implementation of behavior management it is very possible to decrease or eliminate problematic behaviors.

Considering the mean from baseline and treatment along with the teacher’s individual scores discuss the data in relation to the objective related to teacher implementation of procedures.

Considering the mean from baseline and treatment along with teacher’s individual scores shows the teachers followed through and worked hard with the Behavioral Consult to ensure the objective of decreasing behavior was met. The teachers expressed critical analytic behaviors by having the ability to track progression which is correlated with the effectiveness of the behavior management