Behavioral Analysis Model

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Growing up was tough. Not because I was figuring out who I was or who I wanted to be. But because the people I grew with, my friends, well, they were, brats.
They never made me feel like I was important, like my presence in their lives made a difference.- There’s a time in everyone’s life when you feel like you’re the friend all of your friends secretly hate. That seemed to be all the time for me. It gets even worse than that, one of my particularly good friends, Kendall, I wanted to be able to consider her my best friend, but that could never happen. And that was because there was Blair, ugh, there was always Blair. Blair ruined everything for me, not to mention, Kendall and I’s friendship. Blair would always intervene whenever Kendall and
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I managed to get into the University of Cincinnati's last year, which just happens to be the 3rd best criminology school in the country. I have had my heart set on joining the FBI, the Behavioral Analysis Unit in particular, and working on improving my chances of becoming a Supervisory Special Agent some day was basically what I do in my free time. I know what you’re thinking, how, when you weren’t even in college, improve your chances of becoming a profiler? Well, I was, well am super into crime TV, especially Criminal Minds; that is one of the reasons I decided I wanted to be in The Bureau. So, I used what I knew from that and went even deeper, I got a notebook and filled it with anything in regards to any behavioral crime. I researched any behavior that can cause a one to commit an offense, Narcissism, Sadism, you name I studied it. I even researched serial killers. Yes, I researched serial killers, such as the BTK Killer, which is Dennis Rader, Jeffrey Dahmer etc. I wanted to look like the most dedicated applicant the Federal Bureau of Investigation will ever see. One time I got so infuriated at my friends I started looking up what the best college options were for me because that simply made me feel better and reminded me that once I graduated I could get away from …show more content…
Cool April air blew across my black and white Nike windbreaker, I could barely feel the wind through the jacket, hmm maybe I should wear this more often I thought. I checked my Apple Watch and the time read 7:56 as I strolled into the forensic science building. This will be my 3rd time in the class, however I felt I had the building memorized. I swiftly turned into the 2nd door on the left there I saw 9 of my fellow students in the room already along with Professor Connors. The professor gave me the slightest acknowledgement as I glided to my stool beside my partner Dylan and set my purse on the table. “Well aren’t you looking rather monochrome today.” He commented indicating my black and white clothing