Behavioral and Social/Cognitive Approaches to Forming Habits Paper

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Biological and Humanistic Approaches to Personality Paper
Traci Petteway
January 12, 2013
University of Phoenix

There are similarities and differences when analyzing the components of biological and humanistic approaches to personality. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs express important aspects of biological factors that approaches personality.
Abraham Maslow hierarchy of needs focused on a theory of human motivation, management training, and personal development. Maslow divided organismic needs into two categories of deficiency needs which are needs for survival. Maslow divided each category in to five levels. The fifth level is physiological needs that focus on the basic biological necessities such as air, food, water, sex,
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The humanistic approach to personality emphasize the degree of our behavior is being controlled by unconscious forces or even prior experiences. It matters rather personality approaches ethic or personal worth. Relations with other people also define our humanness. In personality psychology to some positive and spiritual aspects of what it means as an individual which is similar to peak experiences. Maslow’s experiences determine common people that feel completely self-fulfilled and self-actualized tend to grow spiritually and realize his or her potential. The insight these epiphanies provide help to maintain the mature and healthy personality. Personality psychology is known for the scientific study of the psychological forces that make people uniquely themselves. The human potential movement is also an example of the existential-humanistic approach to personality. Biological explanations of personality influenced hormones and neurotransmitters. Abraham Maslow called humanistic psychology the “third force” (the first two forces being behaviorism and psychoanalysis). Depending on what type of lifestyle you honor up to whether you gay, straight, rude, bipolar, if represent who you are and what type of personality that speaks about you. Sometimes you find human basic conflicts being ignore by approaches to personality when involve meaning, values, and happiness. Erich Fromm’s approach to