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Behavioral 1

Susan Spurlock
EDUC 205
Article Review 3
Liberty University

Behavioral 2

Behavioral theory

Behavioral theory looks at what people do. The Skinner theory helps with self-regulation part of this theory. People are oriented leaders of behavior. The way people behave are due to pleasant and unpleasant experiences in their lives whether it be as a child or an adult. People inner needs are satisfied. Behavior is focused on encouraging, observing, listening, coaching and mentoring. People has unpleasant experiences which causes them to act the way they do. Their behavior is shown because of their emotions. As a teacher you can help with behavioral issues by making sure there is plenty to do that interest the children. The less there is to do the more the children are going to act out. If the children are interested and happy in what they are doing there will be less behavior issues in the classroom. Behavior can be observed in dimensions. People cannot as well as children cannot change their behavior if they don’t realize they are doing such behavior. Us teachers needs to sit the children down and ask them why they are showing behavior issues and let them know that we don’t do that kind of behavior in the classroom. Behavioral theory is to help teach self-regulated behaviors. During regularity you monitor the courteousness of the behavior. Write down the behaviors and how often the child has them and what you did to correct the problem. It’s better to keep the record of when the behavior happens when it happens instead of waiting days later or weeks later. People uses behavior to self-regulate the behavior that they are using. Self-monitor helps people to be aware of their behavior and what to do to correct the behavior. If you make goal charts for the children this can also help with behavior problems in the classroom. You can use time sample to divide a long period up into a shorter…