Behaviorism Research Paper

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Behaviorism is not the thought that counts

Behaviorism was the third school of thought that manifested in the year of 1913 mainly because of the Structuralisms and Functionalists’ mindset that introspection and mind/consciousness was the main reason on how our minds work mechanically. One of the main persons responsible for the Behaviorism movement was John B. Watson who felt a need to restructure Psychology into a scientific psychology on the basis that behavior could be observed through stimulus and response methods and could be proven by experiments. Other schools of thought felt strong about the consciousness influenced our behavior as well and how we thought
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Watson became involved. “Behavior is a wide term”, (Bode, 1914) stated when debating about introspection and the consciousness when the behaviorist made their point regarding and experimenting within observable behavior. John B. Watson did not agree because he felt that Introspection formed no essential part in his methods nor was it scientific in terms of consciousness when it came to behavior, (Watson, 1914).
Psychology as the behaviorist viewed (Watson, 1994) was a purely objective experimental branch of natural science and it could be to put it differently, that behaviorism faced in the right direction when it insisted that psychology was a science of adaptive behavior (Bode, 1922). Watson's published in a book called Behavior: A Textbook of Comparative Psychology, (Watson, 1914), this book would eventually come to be known as the 'Behaviorist Manifesto." (Wonziak, 1997). Generations of psychologists, reared in a post-Watsonian discipline that defined itself as the "Science of Behavior," would be taught that Watson was the Father of Behaviorism and that February 24, 1913 was the day on which modern Behaviorism had been born (Wonziak, 1997). Watson main focus was that Psychology needed to accept animal psychology as well as human psychology and that with that acceptance and that ultimately consciousness/mind be taken out of the equation all together in Psychology because there was no room for how the situation influence common