Behind The Beautiful Forevers Character Analysis

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There are children in the world who face real world problems alone which makes them grow up too fast to actually live a pleasant childhood experience.Between the two stories of “Rabbit-Proof Fence” by Doris Pilkington, and “Behind the Beautiful Forevers” by Katherine Boo. “Rabbit-Proof Fence” was a life meaningful story about an aboriginal men named Kundilla. Who lives in Australia in a village, where white raiders were taking over their land. Against “Rabbit-Proof Fence” was a book where the challenges were tough to face alone. “Behind the Beautiful Forevers” is a book that has real world problems. Abdul lives in India who faces the real struggle by collecting trash around the city to provide his family’s situation. In “Behind The Beautiful Forevers”, Katherine Boo is the most successful in conveying the challenges faced by the main character. …show more content…
“When strapping Hindu boys began playing cricket on the maiden, aiming their drives at his sorted piles, and sometimes his head” (Katherine Boo page 211). Abdul faces a lot of challenges when he is out working. The real problem is the Hindu boys who come out to play and treat Abdul like he is someone different. The boys are so childish that they throw garbage at him when he is trying to work to earn money for his family. The boys don’t notice what the struggle is for Abdul because he doesn’t have everything the boys have. On the other hand, the book “Rabbit-Proof Fence” explains it’s action by telling us the aboriginal women were running in fear for their men. But, they should still live their lives and not be worried inside everyday. Things happen for reasons, and the white raiders still haven’t arrived to their village. There are people who struggle more about their situation they are dealing with in their lives. There is no point to waste time in fear and just deal with what is going to