Behind the Scenes Essay

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Behind the scenes

My name is Selena, Pineda I’m 17 years old, and what little of my life that I’ve lived so far, has went downhill, and fast! Growing up I had the desire to be just like my mom. It seemed like she had all she needed and with lots to spare. She was always dressed nice, and didn’t seem to have a money problem. I wanted to grow up just like her, it wasn’t till I got a little bit older that I realized how my mom’s life was behind the scenes I didn’t see anything till I hit six years old, and when I got their I figured out she wasn’t the cleanest person she did drugs,… yes drugs it was her life she would always have them either in her system, or in the house, one day her and her boyfriend victor at the time were arguing because he made, and sold drugs, but the bad thing was my mom used them he hated that about my mom, she didn’t work, and she wanted everything done for her. I was so excited because I was going to figure out my mom’s secret on how she would get her drugs for free! That night victor didn’t sleep at our house like he usually did. They didn’t break up, but he said he was going to move his business somewhere ells, that’s when my mom called a baby sitter, and I knew what that meant she was going to go look for some drugs and do anything to get them, for some reason though she couldn’t get a hold of the lady. So she decided to take me my brothers and sisters with her to go get them. Although I wanted to see exactly what my mom did All I knew at this point was that I was tired. I wanted to just go to bed. we drove for hours I don’t know exactly where we were. Going but, when we finally came to a stop I saw a very tall ugly dark Mexican male. who looked like he was maybe late forty’s waiting patiently outside of a big blue house. we parked right in front of the house, he wasn’t my mom’s boyfriend, but it looked like they were together before they went inside they were touching, and even kissed several times. She told us to wait in the car, and that’s when I had an idead or understanding of what was going on. My mom was not only a hoe but a hoe ADDICTED to crack, and she was wheeling to do anything to get it even if it meant exchanging herself. For cocaine she came back in the car fifteen minutes later, acting all weird and looked pale, she had the wide eyes of a deer and a blank face, and it didn’t appear that we would get a facial expression from her any time soon. My arms, and legs were numb it was a winter night and I was dressed for the summer day, it was freezing in the car, but the only think I can think about was how she was feeling and what is going through her head

I was also wondering if she was in the condition to drive I was also scared of crashing or just flat out stopping in the middle of nowhere we already had almost no gas, but somehow we managed to still get home, and sure enough victor was their he stared at my mom with a dark hate in his eyes and yelles

“Get out of the car… we have to talk!”

so she did and I soon as she did, that’s when I started to really panic, because I saw the disappointing, ravage wanting eyes that he had, and the second she opened the door, he grabbed my mom by the arm with the grip of a eagle fishing, his nails, carving his nails inside both outer ends of my moms arms, and slapped her several times across the face, one right after another. I didn’t know what to think. That was the first time I seen them like this any other time they would just yell at each other suddenly I started to realize why my mom would always show up home with bruises all over her body, it was this man, and she would stay with him for his cocaine, not for his love! Then my older brother got out of the car through the trucks back window, and started to run next door, that’s when my mom yelled out

“Call the cops!”

And that’s exactly what he went to do. My eyes began to rain, as I shrugged down to the edged of the back window and watched my mom get punched