Being A Pediatric Nurse Essay

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Most people when they think of staying with sick kids all day think that it would be absolute awful. Especially if the kids are in the hospital from something fatal, nobody wants to have a job like that. Well expect me I’m one of the people who knows what the job fully involves and what I would be seeing. Being a pediatric nurse can have a lot of advantages but there are also some disadvantages. The one question I ask myself every time that I think about the bad stuff that comes with the job is, “Even if i only help cure/save one kid doesn’t it make it all worth it?” I think that becoming a pediatric nurse is the best career choice for me because I have always enjoyed working with kids and I want to be able to help/save sick kids.
One reason I think this is a good career choice for me because I have experience working with kids. I know how challenging it can be to watch them for hours on end, trust me I have done it before. I babysit my cousins every once and
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Would I eventually quit because it became too much? My answer is that I honestly don’t think I would because yes I would see some kids sick and maybe some die but I would also get to see kids get better and go home to their families. I get to see the relief of family members when a sick child gets better and can go home. Just those reasons alone I believe would keep me going and encourage me to be the best pediatric nurse I can be. I believe that being a pediatric nurse will give me a purpose in life and that it will be something worthwhile. I always wanted to become something that made me be able to help people and being a pediatric nurse does that. I try my best in school and if I keep that up and get good grades I can get into a good medical program. Then I can become a great pediatric nurse and help save children’s lives. I truly can’t wait till I can become one and my life will be a lot more