Being A Veterinarian

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Veterinarian There are many Pros and Cons to being a veterinarian. Some of the Pros are the salary, location, and the outlook. Some Cons are the hours, the amount of schooling it will take, and the student loans.
Veterinarians treat injuries that animals have, decide the best treatment for the animal, and prevent that injury or disease from happening again. They also have to advise the owner of treatment and feeding care. Sometimes veterinarians have to collect body tissue, feces, blood, urine, or other body fluids for examination.
There are many different types of career clusters. Veterinarians are part of the agriculture, food, and natural resources cluster. There are also many different jobs inside of one cluster to. Some other jobs that
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There are several different career clusters that can be put under the holland type of IR including, other than agriculture, food, and natural resources cluster, information technology, manufacturing, and health science.
Veterinarian school is one of the hardest types of schooling to be accepted into. One reason being you have to get really good grades throughout high school. Also it takes eight years of schooling to complete veterinarian school. To be a veterinarian it usually takes a master's degree, and sometimes requires a Ph.D., M.D., or J.D. One major that you could go to school for to become a veterinarian is veterinarian anatomy.
Veterinarian school is also expensive. For many people veterinarian school usually cost about 200,000 dollars. On the other hand a veterinarian can make as much as 200,000 dollars a year.
Different veterinarians have different work settings. If you are a veterinarian that works on pets like cats and dogs then you would most likely work in an office or in an animal clinic. On the other hand if you are a large animal veterinarian then you will most likely work on farms and with farm animals such as horses and
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You could work for your local veterinarian. Or you could start your own veterinarian business. In some situations you could even work with a veterinarian without a degree. you definitely wouldn't get paid near as much if at all.
To become a veterinarian moving is not necessary. There are animals to help every where, but if a veterinarian wants to works on large animals and lives in the city then they would have to move.
The outlook for this career is good, growing 1.2 percent each year. This career would be a good career to get into. This career is really traditional for any gender. There are male and female veterinarians all over the